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Inhalant Abuse Assessment

Is my child 'sniffing' or 'huffing' inhalants like a drug?

Inhalant abuse, also known as 'sniffing' or 'huffing', has decreased overall in recent years; however, it has increased among younger children. Inhalants are one of the first drugs that many children try, mainly because they are free or cheap and found in every home. Inhalants commonly found around the house include solvents, gasoline, airplane or model glue, rubber cement, correction fluid, felt-tip markers, spray paint, hairspray, nail polish remover, paint thinner, spot removers, degreasers, and vegetable cooking spray. Other gases such as butane, helium, nitrous oxide, and propane can also be abused. Inhalant abuse can cause memory loss, permanent brain damage, and even death. Answer these few questions to learn more about the warning signs of inhalant abuse and help you determine if your child may be 'sniffing' or 'huffing'.

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